Ever Get that Sinking Feeling?

Dad refuses to go to “one of those places”.

Mom doesn’t want to leave her cherished home.

Yet, the reality is they need help driving to doctor visits, setting up the weekly pill trays, shopping, housekeeping, preparing meals, doing laundry, figuring out the bills and a long list of little repairs or garden work around the house. 

At first, you were happy to help, but now it is getting old and you are tired, and maybe even a little resentful, and then feeling guilty about being resentful.

If you decide to pay for full-time care in the home, it is typically cost prohibitive and not sustainable for long-term. 

So you stay up at night worrying about how you can keep this up and worrying about your parent’s health and safety, dreading if (or rather when) a crisis happens and you won't know where to turn.

This is the time to have a difficult, but honest discussion about options.  

Let us help guide you through some of the common issues that arise in families.